Thank you for your interest in the ministry of  Lutheran Renewal.

Our ministry was formed in 1972 to share the vision of bearing witness to the Person and Power of the Holy Spirit. For forty two years we sought to bring Renewal to the Lutheran Church, to the greater Body of Christ, and to all who value the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit.

Our call was to encourage believers in the Lord Jesus to live in dependence upon the Holy Spirit. It was our desire to help people to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to use the Spirit’s gifts to strengthen the church and challenge congregations to fulfill their mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ in the power of the Spirit.

All ministries truly led by the Power of the Holy Spirit experience the passing of the baton as leadership and focus goes from one person to another person. In 2014, we believe God called for a more radical distribution—imagine many batons! The day of Pentecost must have been more like that. Instead of person-to-person succession, succession went to the crowd. What a surprise! Sons and daughters, slaves and free, old and young—everyone got to play!

Today, a baton awaits with your name on it. Holy Spirit Renewal is not planned in an office, nor is it facilitated with a staff. It is longed for by a desperate and ordinary church—by typical believers. Our prayer remains, “Come, Holy Spirit!”

We invite you to explore this archival website of the ministry of  Lutheran Renewal. Learn more about our History and our 42 years of International Conferences of the Holy Spirit. Revisit decades of our monthly Newsletters and Articles. Smile and remember the special moments as you view our Photo Gallery. You can even submit your own photos and memories of Lutheran Renewal for sharing on this site. As time goes on, we hope to receive written stories and testimonies of the impact that this ministry had in your life, that you would like to share with others.