Especially for Pastors Newsletters


May 2014
Bullies by Kevin “Mac” McClure 

April 2014
Yet Another Jesus Movie…by David Housholder

March 2014
Everyday Encounters by Mike Bradley


December 2013
When Standing Strong Means Running Fast by Robert Walter

November 2013
Increasing and Abounding in Love by Dr. Joe Johnson

October 2013
The Gospel and the Garden by Kendra Diehl

July 2013
Future Church: A Punk Kid’s Perspective by Pastor Jamey VanGelder

June 2013
Ten Lessons Learned by Pastor Steve Perkins

May 2013
Thoughts From a Trendy, Spiritual Show-Off by Tom Hilpert

April 2013
Distracted by Discipleship by Kevin “Mac” McClure

March 2013
Faith and Anti-Fragility by David Housholder

February 2013
Teaching People How to Worship by Peter Churness

January 2013
Why I’m Emboldened to Believe God Wants to Heal You by Kevin “Mac” McClure